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Holding Hands at 35,000 Feet

Artist: Denison Marrs

Songs on "Holding Hands at 35,000 Feet" Album

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@ 35,000 Ft - View @ 35,000 Ft Lyrics
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Every Star - View Every Star Lyrics
Eyes Will Dance - View Eyes Will Dance Lyrics
From The Centre - View From The Centre Lyrics
Heavy Laden - View Heavy Laden Lyrics
Oxygen - View Oxygen Lyrics
Polaris - View Polaris Lyrics
Random - View Random Lyrics
Silver - View Silver Lyrics

@ 35,000 Ft Lyrics

at 35,000 ft.
i would step out and glide
into the middle of a cloud
it'd catch us you know
and right after that
i'd pull some atmosphere
over our shoulder
and settle in for a nap

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Better 3/4ths Lyrics

you're my supercharged magnet
that can't ever be powered down
my better 3/4ths that make me
so complete and sound

the brilliant signal
that cuts right through to bring me in
from my constant
and everchanging missions

how can i be lost
when you're all around
my hands are to the skies
in thanks for what i've found

and my mind can see
that yours can see into mine
and my eyes catch grand sights
of constellations
in your eyes

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Every Star Lyrics

all the planets
and their moons
recognize your beauty
and bow to you

every star
and all their light
shine your love
down on me tonight

to the distant galaxies
and far beyond
i pledge my love
to the one inside my heart

i'm struck speechless
failing to move
there's no measure
of my love for you

we will never die
this can only last forever
and you my dear
are interstellar

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Eyes Will Dance Lyrics

take my hand
join me in this celestial dance
i'm only brave enough to ask
because i already stale a glance

and i saw me in your eyes
that's what i saw

hand in hand
we glide through amazing star filled skies
where no time will apply
when we're traveling at the speed of sight

and you'll see yourself in my eyes
that's what you'll see
and i'll see myself in your eyes
that's what i'll see
love is what we'll be

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From The Centre Lyrics

every single pulse
blinking from my centre
welcomes you no fear
beckons you to enter

come inside
i finally heard you knocking
now my life support
i feel revitalizing

my soul
so unhealthy and weak
your soul
so wealthy yet meek

come inside
you are life

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Heavy Laden Lyrics

slumber overtake me
break this seal
so my soul can see
a vision of innocence so selfless

mudered as evil
yet so blameless

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Oxygen Lyrics

how the air
grows stale
on this planet my
breathing fails

can't you feel me gasping
for just once more from your
oxygen filled
lungs so pure

breathe in
sweet breath
don't fall asleep

i realize completely
my failure will bring their death
why can't they see they need
your sweet breath

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Polaris Lyrics

you're the brightest
the highest
let them hear me crying

you never
have flickered

your love
all others
have failed

i'll never run away
i'll never hide my face
why should i?
why would i?

i'll never leave this place
your lips upon my face
i'd rather stay

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Random Lyrics

will you meet me
inside the place we
hold so dear?
the distance i made you
take was a mistake
now i see it all so clear
the past i froze between us
a masterpiece like no other one
i'm already here so won't you please hurry
your speed will be our sun

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Silver Lyrics

your glorious silhouette
will never empty
i love the way the silver moon
makes it shimmer for me

and i wonder if
if you could be the one

i'll pick up the pen
and write like mad
and free the song
i'll write about how
i've finally found you
as it turns out
you've loved me all along

and i wonder if i
could be the one for you

but you just smile
and tell me that
my new life has begun

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