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One Cold Way

Artist: Istra

Songs on "One Cold Way" Album

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Brights - View Brights Lyrics
Chuck's Song - View Chuck's Song Lyrics
Don't Belong - View Don't Belong Lyrics
One Cold Way - View One Cold Way Lyrics
Robbed - View Robbed Lyrics
Sentence Served - View Sentence Served Lyrics
The Stare - View The Stare Lyrics
What It Takes - View What It Takes Lyrics
You Can Be The Reason I Walk Out - View You Can Be The Reason I Walk Out Lyrics

Brights Lyrics

Bought - at a price Purchased - I'm not mine Like what you're offering Why when the price is so high I don't live just to die I won't give myself over When all you want me to do Is to drive with the brights in my eyes Bought - I'm not mine And besides - I'm just stopping by You don't own

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Chuck's Song Lyrics

Breathe - and still believe While the knives twist deeper in your back Still I feel a breeze Again he kows what it means to hate And his heart cannot forget From the earth his blood Cries out to

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Don't Belong Lyrics

This is how we see things better And I will do now what I may This is how we justify when we fall away I don't think that I belong I don't think that I belong This way I'll never be the same There's no looking back now Don't you think it's a ga

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One Cold Way Lyrics

Bright and morning shined and left me Starry eyed and staring at the sky again And all that's left of me is not a man And I'm not whole again On my knees again The only way I'll ever feel Close to you again Offer me the world and I will Only walk away again But I feel you hold my hand Face down again The only way I'll feel close to you again Can I sleep (close to you) To the song your heart will be

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Robbed Lyrics

I only know what I've been told I'll choke on poison I've been sold Trading years of never knowing For only now I'm knowing I've died tonight What should have been Was take from you Cheating me - what I should have had With you What should have been Was stolen from me I never knew I was robbed of y

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Sentence Served Lyrics

He waits Finds familiarity which he hates He waits for sleep to over come the pain But only in his dreams Can't wait to be the one Who tells you that you're alive Can't wait to see That look on you're face When you finally realze You're alone In this room all the walls are falling down arond me Or falling on me And I can't wait to see where I'll be All I know it won't be here And I've found a way To be alive and I won't feel this way again This sheet rock prison's crumbling around me And I'm OK I've waited long to see this day and I've cried Liberate From this pain Finally-finally things are going my way And you know what that means You're dead to

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The Stare Lyrics

So we've come To the end of our line And I know you're thinking of me You're staring as you cry And the staring leaves me wanting All I have left is what's in my mind Of the the day we said goodbye Though we never said goodbye And I'll find myself dreaming of the day I'll see you're smile again And we'll leave this broken glass behind 'Cause I woke to find Life was not a nightmare in my sleep And the stare will come over me And the stare will come over me No one's there to tell me Everything will be alright No one's thre

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What It Takes Lyrics

Were there just some way For fate To pass me by tonight This is what it takes To save the world tonight Now I know that I'm alone Take this cup of nails from me tonight No, they're mine 'Cause I can see the lights grow dim In this cold world And all the candles burning out The candle is burning out This is what it takes all alo

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You Can Be The Reason I Walk Out Lyrics

I will walk away But the same thing Keeps running back to me They always find they're way back to me I won't be the one trapped with you I'll be the one to give it all over They said I could be the one To make it all in a day And never have to see the way They look at me while they Swallowed my heart whole Don't toy with me Cause I don't need you You can be the reason I walk o

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