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Artist: Unashamed

Songs on "Reflection" Album

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Everlasting Father - View Everlasting Father Lyrics
Gateway - View Gateway Lyrics
Meet Us Here - View Meet Us Here Lyrics
Separated - View Separated Lyrics
Strength Within - View Strength Within Lyrics
Sustained - View Sustained Lyrics
This Dividing Wall - View This Dividing Wall Lyrics
What Will Become - View What Will Become Lyrics

Everlasting Father Lyrics

God is with us, for to us a child is born, to us a son is given, all authority has been given to Him, and He will be called wonderful, counselor, mighty God, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father. Then I heard the voice of the Lord say to me "who shall I send?" Lord here am I, send me. The Lord is the one we regard as Holy, for He is our sanctuary, God is with u

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Gateway Lyrics

Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it, but small is the gate and narrow the road that lead to life. (Matthew 7:13-14) Will I go past the gate? Into your righteousness? I want to be with you. Help me to live today, will you find me worthy? will you find my heart true? Make me worthy, make my heart tru

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Meet Us Here Lyrics

It's your kindness that leads to repentance. It's your love that draws us to you. It's your life taken in our place, through your mercy, we are made new. We praise your name Oh Lord, for you're worthy to be praised. To you we cry with one voice. Come fill the place. Fill our hearts with your praise. Meet us here. Take our eyes off ourselves, place in us hearts to serve, send us your Holy Spirit, wipe our joyful tears, help us to remain upright, to walk closer to you, you are the reason we live, our lives we give to you. God we praise you, mercy, patience, kindness, forgivenes

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Separated Lyrics

Your voices came through the wall, my ears heard every word that was said. I sit here with my tears, knowing tomorrow you won't be here, and I sit, alone with myself, alone with my thoughts, surrounded by anger. You don't think I can hear? But each word gets louder and clearer. I feel I am to blame. I'll take this guilt upon myself, my life has been shattered. Torn in two, can I pick up the pieces, will cracks always remain. Will I ever be the same? How can you tear apart my life, or rule out what I feel inside. Separated, caught between two sides. Now I have to find purpose to my life, now I am not alone, help is by my side. You have been to me the Father, that I've never had to turn in my time of pain. You helped me to get up and to fight against the evil that tries to take my life. (If your life has been destroyed by a divorce, God can give you purpose and answers

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Strength Within Lyrics

Time has come. Time to confront what I have fought with so long. I have to fight, not conform to myself. Conform to this world, give into my sin, only to fall again. I won't be held down, cause with God I know I'm strong and I know that I will overcome. You've brought me this far but each step I take is getting harder, but with each step I take, I know I'm getting stronger. God help me to use this truth you've put inside cause with your strength I will tr

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Sustained Lyrics

As I walk through this valley of death, fear does not hold a grip on me, for your sake, we face death all day long, and by your hand, you help us understand, as the spirit of darkness covers the land, you hold this child in your hands, and we know by the promises that you've made, that your light will guide our faith. I will not fear this evil. as darkness covers the land, I watch the horizon grow dim. Faithful I will escape, knowing that I've been sustained. God has sustained me, He alone has been my hope. In a world waiting for me to fall, God has sustained me through it all.

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This Dividing Wall Lyrics

Why do I get so upset? Letting feelings dictate what is right. Letting emotions take control, letting emotions consume my thoughts and my actions. Give me a blessing, some kind of miracle and I'll give you my life. No, it shouldn't work out this way, selfish humility makes this dividing wall. Your selfishness drives you away, your so confused, take forgiveness, and let him transform your mind, you offered me eternity, in return I sacrifice my will for your glor

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What Will Become Lyrics

Deliver me from this Body of Death, I've found no help from within myself, I've taken my life and filled it with pain, take sins hands from around my neck. Complacent hands are choking me to death. You said (you'd never leave me) take my hands (off my eyes) breath in me (breath of life) take my soul (take my life) What will become of this world, when it all burns, when it all fades away, these choices that we make, mean so much in the end. I will lift up my hands, reaching for my securit

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