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Suburban Mornings

Artist: 24 Idaho

Songs on "Suburban Mornings" Album

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Always Better - View Always Better Lyrics
Donde Esta - View Donde Esta Lyrics
Lullabye - View Lullabye Lyrics
Packing My Bags - View Packing My Bags Lyrics
Stop At Nothing - View Stop At Nothing Lyrics
Toledo - View Toledo Lyrics
Weather - View Weather Lyrics

Always Better Lyrics

i met you in the parking lot at 10am
we found things to do with our time
run around town tonight
i'll take the trail marked on the map
it's always better looking out
i hate when i get messed within
it's always better looking out
sometimes when i get boared you try to help
these days are so long
run around town tonight.

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Donde Esta Lyrics

his loving arms enfold me
and in his hands i am free
a peace that passes all understanding
but now you tell me what is my understanding
where is my love?
where has it gone?
she sits in my head
i remeber all the things she said
i'm so sorry bout my responses
i'm so sorry bout my responses

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Lullabye Lyrics

see you walking by my side
wondering if you miss me at all
take the furthest step to reach your dreams
take the furthest step and give your all
don't lose hope on a dark night
say goodnight
miles hold you back from me
and will we ever be again?
in the moon light i loved you
in the moonlight say goodbye
see the sun rise up and you run into my arms
lift the son up high and hes never gonna leave you
he will never let go.....

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Packing My Bags Lyrics

softly spoken heaven angel come and fly these wings
take me straight to heaven i can't take a faster way
i think this all i can bear
i would give up anything to be there
i'm not ashamed of what i am
i'm not scared of dying Jesus helps me play this game
when the bible ain't in no revival i'll be packing my bags i'm ready to go
i scream at the top of my lungs oh father where have your people gone?
i think this is all i can bear i would give up anything to be there.

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Stop At Nothing Lyrics

when the fever breaks
and you pull me back again
how long was i gone this time?
and i've climed the ropes
but keep falling in the flames
desire pulls me in the fire
it's gonna be alright
i only change when breaks me
only stop when it bleeds me
so pull me out of the flames.

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Toledo Lyrics

life responses
the same old fate
pulling down the truth
that is my fate
when will i find my place?
will it ever be clear?
when will we get to toledo?
i'm so close
cause i grabbed the hand
like i'm drowning
like i'm sinking in sand
when will i find my place?
we've been on this road forever
when will we get to toledo?

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Weather Lyrics

race through town at the speed of sound
we've got "combat rock" on the radio
wind blowin rain or snowin well just goin
going to the break of dawn
theres something in the weather that keeps us together
something in the weather
we're just hangin around no where bound
we've been lost and found in this boring town.

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